Eliminates itching and sweating
foot medicine Eliminates itching and fungal infections of the feet and nails

Causes of a fungal infection

Causes of a fungal infection

In the swimming pool or sauna

A weakened immune system

Clothing made of artificial materials

Dermatophytosis of the feet in relatives

Special properties

What you should pay attention to

Sweating of the feet can lead to various health problems such as foul odor or mycosis of the feet and nails. SKINATRIN spray penetrates the skin and normalizes sweat secretion.
While itchy legs are not always a cause for concern, it can indicate a medical condition in your body. The active ingredients of SKINATRIN spray combat the cause of itching.
Nails, like the skin, can dry out and crack. Most often this happens due to the adverse effects of the environment. SKINATRIN spray penetrates the nails and moisturizes them from the inside.
Foot odor is a common problem caused by increased sweating and bacterial growth on the surface of the feet. SKINATRIN spray destroys dangerous microorganisms and prevents inflammation.
Arnica extract

Effectively heals skin lesions, brings about complete tissue regeneration *

Propolis extract

Relieves skin swelling and inflammation *


Quickly soothes the affected skin, relieves irritation and has a positive effect on longevity *


Supports the proper functioning of the vascular system by ensuring active blood circulation and tissue oxygenation *

Zinc oxide

Possesses a noticeable antimicrobial effect, prevents bacteria from penetrating into the nail layer and skin surface *

How it works

An all natural and easy to use product

The secret of SKINATRIN spray lies in its composition. The product contains vegetable oils and extracts that are successfully used as natural disinfectants, anti-inflammatory agents and deodorants.

SKINATRIN Spray not only relieves symptoms of discomfort around the feet, such as increased sweating, itching and brittle nails, but also helps prevent other infections, including fungal ones. SKINATRIN spray penetrates deeply into the skin and works from within to restore healthy tissue structure.

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